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Ink Division Webstore Options

Pre-Order System

  • We set up a site, production date, and your desired pricing & shipping methods. 

  • A count down will run, showing people how much time they have left to order.

  • When ordering closes, we will invoice the print job, based on the total items sold

  • Your invoice will be deducted from the sales, & we will issue your payment via paypal or check.

  • You must sell a minimum of 12 per graphic to hit the setup minimum, if you don’t you will have to order extras to get up to the 12 per run minimum. This can be deducted from sales total as well if you prefer.

  • If you are doing in store pick-up or one bulk pick-up (for you to distribute) there is no fulfillment charge.

  • If we are packing and shipping, there is a charge of $2 per item for packing and fulfillment.

Example: You want to sell shirts for your band but you don’t want to put up money or deal with the hassle of managing a store. You send us the graphic(s) you’d like to launch and we set up the store. You decide on how long you’d like to run the sale, pricing & start promoting the shop. So let’s say you’ve got 2 graphics, 1 of them is a 1 color & 1 of them is a 6 color. We set the sale countdown for 2 weeks and release it to the public. For this example we offer the tees for $20 each and begin taking pre-orders. 

At the end of your pre-order period, we close the store, and tally up the orders. Let’s say you sold 38 of the 1 color graphic, and 27 of the 6 color graphic. We now calculate the total cost to deduct for the printing. The 38 one color printed shirts cost $5.30 each, and the 27 six color shirts cost $9.27 each. You’ve got a total production cost of $451.69. If you opt for mail order, you’ve got a fulfilment cost of $130 for a total cost of $581.69. Since the stores sales are $1300, you (or your charity) would get a payment of $718.31. Keep in mind you also have the option of picking all of the orders up and avoiding the fulfillment charge (this is a popular option for schools & hospitals that like to distribute the shirts at an event or central location)

Real Time Fulfillment Option

  • This option is for when you would rather not do a pre-order, and want orders filled as soon as they are placed.

  • In order to do this, you’ll need to place an order & pay for at least 24 shirts up front to give us stock. (the more you order at once up front, the cheaper the production costs) We will then print the shirts, launch the store, and keep track of stock on hand. As a size sells out, you will have the option to do a replenishment order, or let that size remain sold old. Keep in mind, to do a replenishment order you will need to order at least 12 pieces (sizes can be mixed)

  • If you opt to close the store or remove the graphic before it is entirely sold out, we can ship you the remaining stock.

  • With this option, since the stock is all pre-paid, the only deduction that will be taken out of your payouts is the $2 per item fulfillment charge.