Defective Prints

We strive to get every shirt in every order perfect, but, due the variables in the printing process,
mistakes & accidents can occur. Any defective and/or crooked prints will be refunded
or taken off your bill if advance payment was not made. We can not set a job back up to correct a
small portion of the order due the setup time involved in the process. If the defective portion of your
order is under 12 pieces of the same print, credit or refund will be used to correct the issue. If more
than 12 items are defective, we will set the job back up to correct it. All defective items must be
returned in order to issue refund or set up a re-print. 

Defective Garments

We do our best to QC the blank items we recieve before printing, but we cannot possibly catch all
defective items. If the portion of your order that contains defective garments is under 12
pieces, we will credit your account for the amount of those items. If the portion of the order with
defective items is over 12 pieces, we will reprint those items. 

Industry Standard Acceptable Variation

Each shirt we print is loaded by a human being onto the press. Crooked sewing and human error
can result in slight variation in positioning. Any variation in positioning under 1” horizontally,
vertically, or diagonally is not noticeable when someone wears the garment, and will not
be considered a misprint. When making exact positioning requests, keep this in mind.

Color Matching

If an exact shade is required, we will need a pantone PMS number. Even with this in place,
different colorbooks and screens can show things differently. We will do our absolute best to
match your color, but slight variations can occur. If you need to be absolutely sure, you will need
to order a sample and come check it out in person before we can run the job. Sampling for color
matching is $20 per color. We can also offer you a free email or text Photo Proof of your first printed
 item to confirm color and positioning upon your request.


Artwork needs to be submitted as you would like it printed, at 300dpi, or in a scalable vector format.
Multi-colored artwork with any sort of shading may not printable, and will require a vector file
to prepare digital proof of printable version. Not all things created on a computer or by hand are
achievable with a screen print. Hand drawn artwork will require a $30 fee to prepare for print.
If you cannot supply a file laid out correctly in the correct format, a $30 fee will apply to prepare art.